About the Midwest Circular Discovery Scholarship

Are you bringing the circular economy to research? We want to hear your story. We are honored to support academic research teams who share in our circular economy mission and sustainability goals through the Rheaply Midwest Circular Discovery scholarship program. Tell us about how your research is aiming to design waste out, while minimizing the negative impacts of the current "take, make and dispose" industrial model. If selected, you'll be entered to win our 2018 Circular Discovery Scholarship. The Rheaply Midwest Circular Discovery scholarship campaign is the first installment of our broader Rheaply Scholars Program.


We're accepting applications from 8/15/2018 to 11/15/2018. Simply fill out the form below, and you'll automatically be entered. Got a question? See our FAQ's below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rheaply?

One of the difficulties of becoming a circular economy organization is that many organizations lack access to used products, cannot redistribute or refurbish used products in a cost-effective way, or their products are not designed with circularity in mind. Rheaply addresses all of these barriers.

Rheaply Asset Exchange Manager is a desktop and mobile app that's bringing the circular economy to research organizations around the U.S. We give you the power to easily turn your research team into a leader of sustainability, so that you can simultaneously reduce wasteful spending and gain access to needed resources. Rheaply users can buy, sell, trade, donate, and rent resources within their organizations and connected networks. More

What is the circular economy?

The circular economy concept is actually rooted in academia, oddly enough. It gained momentum in the late 1970s led by a small number of academic thought leaders.

Put simply, a circular economy strategy looks beyond the current "take, make and dispose" linear industrial model and replaces it with a model that's restorative and regenerative by design. The circular model builds economic, natural and social capital.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce supports companies that develop circular economies (CE) practices and has even developed policies and legislation surrounding circular economy design flows. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, McKinsey, and Accenture believe that companies who are founded on the building blocks of a circular economy will pave the way for a new future built on profitable sustainability.

What counts as a circular economy or circular design idea?

Good question. When designing for the circular economy, you're considering the needs of all potential users, and the usages of the materials within the system.

With that said, your idea should:

  1. Promote reusability
    Create new value by enabling your own, as well as other businesses, to reuse materials.
  2. Be "evolutionary" in design
    Create a product and/or service that can constantly evolve and course correct over time. In other words, it replaces the traditional model of building "finished products".
  3. Build influential ideas
    A circular design framework should change the mindsets of those around them by developing an idea that promotes use and participation.
Who is eligible?

Any student, graduate student or post-doc at an accredited academic research institution in the U.S. with a circular design idea.

What do Scholarship winning research teams earn?
  • Research organizations that post the scholarship to their website and win the scholarship award will also receive free institutional access to the Rheaply AxM platform for a year. For Rheaply AxM terms and details, contact us at info@rheaply.com
  • In addition, all participating organizations are eligible to receive a 6-month free trial of the Rheaply AxM – contact us at info@rheaply.com for more details.
What do post-doc or grad students earn?

A $500 scholarship to a current training post-doc or graduate student at an accredited university. Winners that agree to become Rheaply ambassadors can also receive an additional scholarship of $500. What is a Rheaply ambassador? Put short, Rheaply ambassadors agree to share their research journey with Rheaply through the use of videos and images in the lab or in the field. In addition, Rheaply ambassadors will help make their peers aware of how they can be more cost efficient, sustainable, and collaborative through use of Rheaply AxM. Easiest $500 you will ever make.

Is it easy to apply?

Yes. Simply fill out the form fields and you'll be automatically entered.

How long does the scholarship application process take?

The scholarship will run from August 15, 2018 – October 1, 2018.

What are the rules?

Eligible teams must include their sustainability or research administrator's approval and contact information.


By submitting your application you acknowledge and agree that you own and have all rights to use, submit and share the information contained in, or submitted in connection with, your application (including, without limitation, any images, videos, text or other user submitted content or data) and, further, you expressly grant Rheaply, Inc. a non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free right and license to exhibit and otherwise use such information for any lawful purpose in connection with the promotion and marketing of the Rheaply platform (including directly posting such information on our social media platform accounts). Further you acknowledge Rheaply may modify any such information for formatting, navigational, integration or other purposes, so long as such modifications will not materially distort such information.

What's the catch?

Nothing. We believe in the circular economy mission, and we want to support the research teams that share in this critical mission.