Rheaply, an asset exchange manager for research facilities around the nation, invites attendees to participate in the Circular Design Showcase at this year's AASHE conference.

AASHE and Rheaply have partnered to open up a 60-minute forum for higher education professionals to showcase how they use circular practices in their research. A circular research idea will:

Promote reusability
Create new value by enabling your own, as well as other businesses, to reuse materials.
Be "evolutionary" in design
Create a product and/or service that can constantly evolve and course correct over time. In other words, it replaces the traditional model of building "finished products".
Build influential ideas
A circular design framework should change the mindsets of those around them by developing an idea that promotes use and participation.


Space is limited. Reserve a block of time for the Circular Design Showcase.

About Rheaply

Rheaply Asset Exchange Manager allows organizations to buy, sell, trade, donate or rent resources that would otherwise go to waste. When designing Rheaply AxM for R&D facilities, we took extra care in understanding how materials move within a system and between users. Rheaply users can keep tabs on everything in an activity center. This saves time and increases collaboration all in one place, making research better.